Sakura Finetek USA launches laser-printable Tissue-Tek<sup>®</sup> Paraform<sup>®</sup> LP Stacked Frames, further expanding the Paraform Sectionable Cassette System

September 20th, 2020
Sakura Finetek USA launches laser-printable Tissue-Tek® Paraform® LP Stacked Frames, further expanding the Paraform Sectionable Cassette System
Contact: Erico von Bueren, Director of Marketing
TORRANCE, CA – Sakura Finetek USA, Inc. today announced the launch of two new laser- printable tissue cassettes, broadening the Tissue-Tek® Paraform® Sectionable Cassette System for use on the Tissue-Tek AutoTEC® a120 Automated Embedding Systems.  These newly developed Paraform LP Stacked Frames are printable on the General Data LaserTrack™ PH Laser Cassette printers and are offered in both white and yellow colors.
“The new Tissue-Tek Paraform LP Frames enable the use of the trusted Tissue-Tek Paraform system to laboratories with laser cassette printers” said Jose Lara, Product Manager for Identification and Imaging Systems.   “Many laboratories have come to rely on laser printing as their efficient cassette identification solution - now they can have the performance and safety of automated embedding alongside these printing systems.”
“The embedding solution that combines the Tissue-Tek Paraform Sectionable Cassette System with the Tissue-Tek AutoTEC a120 Automated Embedding System is capable of not only automating the embedding process in a fast, continuous and efficient manner, but also reducing by up to 44% the typical quality errors seen at manual embedding in real-world laboratory usage,” said Joshua Greenlee, Product Manager and Workflow and Productivity Optimization Consultant.  “The onboard barcode scanner of the AutoTEC a120 enables laboratories to automate scanning of cassettes and to track cassettes and blocks as they move through embedding.”
About Tissue‚ÄźTek® Paraform® LP Stacked Frames
Clean and convenient.  Paraform LP Frames have a special additive in the plastic that converts to black when exposed to the laser of General Data LaserTrack PH Laser Cassette printers.  Their laser printing technology does not require ink, cartridges, ribbons, or print head replacements - it’s all in the laser and plastic!
Proven design and compatibility.  The Tissue-Tek Paraform LP Frames are compatible with all 7 (seven) Paraform Cassettes. There is no need to change any process in laboratories currently using the Tissue-Tek Paraform System.
Stacked for easy loading.  Frames come in convenient, taped stacks of 40 that are quick to load into the magazines of the General Data LaserTrack PH Laser Cassette Printers. 
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Erico von Bueren
Director of Marketing
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