Sakura Finetek USA launches a new webpage for the Genemed® brand of Advanced Staining products.

28 February 2020

“Immunohistochemistry has evolved from an antigen specific affinity purification antibody to the current state-of-the art rabbit monoclonal antibody expressed in mammalian cell cultures. The Genemed product portfolio has co-evolved with the technology to offer the highest quality products to provide optimal stain quality” said Mr. Luu, Senior Vice President of Sakura Bioscience. 

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Tissue‐Tek<sup>®</sup> SmartWrite<sup>®</sup> Frosted Slides

Tissue‐Tek® SmartWrite® Frosted Slides

Developed and optimized for the Tissue‐Tek® SmartWrite® Slide Printer, Tissue‐Tek® SmartWrite® Frosted charged and uncharged slides undergo a thorough manufacturing process for best printing experience. Clipped corner slides also provide for best mechanical performance when used on the Tissue‐Tek® SmartWrite® Slide Printer.

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United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology 109th Annual Meeting

February 29 - March 5, 2020
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA
The Annual Meeting is a given. It’s expected, anticipated, exhilarating, exhausting, transformative, consequential, challenging, compelling. It’s a resource, a culture medium, an integrated platform, a bridge, a skyway. People come from a...

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