Manage challenges with Histology & Pathology system solutions

Unlike any other company in anatomic pathology, over the past decades Sakura Finetek has developed automated solutions to address the daily challenges impacting histology, advanced staining and cytology laboratories worldwide.

This section of our site is dedicated to present system solutions for workflow improvements in grossing and cryotomy, tissue processing, embedding, microtomy, staining and coverslipping, digital imaging and printing. These solutions integrate multiple instruments that can either be connected or interfaced, reducing human interaction or provide specimen carriers that minimize hands-on time, reduce errors, save time or financial resources.  

Laboratory personnel can then focus on more important and complex tasks while the automated system solutions work for you.

Are your pathologists often asking, “Where are my IHC slides?”

Immunohistochemical staining is crucial to a patient's complete and proper diagnosis, and without that information a pathologist can often not sign out the final report on a case.  IHC slides provide valuable information to the pathologist, so it is extremely important that these completed slides are delivered to the pathologist in a timely manner.  When these vital stains are delayed, it means that the patient is left to wait, wonder, and worry about their results and treatment decisions may even be delayed.  Speed is not the only important factor, however.  The stains also need to be clear, crisp, and of high quality for the most optimal diagnosis.  Anything less can lead to further delays and re-work that are costly and add wasted resources and time.  Meanwhile, the patient is left to wait and worry.
With so much riding on your IHC, consider a whole lab solution that:
  • Provides upstream process efficiency, enabling the delivery of slides to the IHC Department faster and more efficiently than ever before
  • Eliminates upstream process risks that could jeopardize tissue and IHC staining
  • Delivers optimal only staining, ensuring first-pass satisfaction for the pathologist
  • Provides fast, predictable, high-quality results consistently every time
  • Significantly shortens turnaround time (TAT), delivering slides to pathologists faster and allowing patients to receive their diagnosis and perhaps treatment earlier
Optimal IHC Solution

Is your laboratory so busy and stressed that it sometimes seems hard to focus?

Let’s face it, the pressures of faster turnaround times and growing workloads are not going away. Histology laboratories continue to be asked to do more with less while still maintaining safe, high-quality results.  Staffing shortages, additional testing requirements, and bringing in new tasks like digital imaging into the histology workflow are adding additional stress to laboratories that are already taxed as it is.  On many days it may be difficult to focus on improving safety, efficiency, and turnaround time (TAT) in the laboratory when just finishing the day’s workload is a struggle.
If this sounds like your laboratory, consider a solution that:
  • Increases tissue and user safety without adding extra processes or tasks
  • Eliminates many common risks that result in tissue damage or costly rework
  • Improves laboratory efficiency, saving considerable time and resources
  • Shortens TAT, allowing patients to receive their diagnosis earlier
  • Provides time and freedom for continuous improvement and bringing on new services
  • Restores a proper work-life balance, making working in histology fun again
SMART Automation

Are you looking for tissue processing and staining reagents you can trust to consistently deliver the quality you expect?

The reagents used in the laboratory are truly the lifeblood of the histology process. Without a reliable supply of high-quality, consistent reagents, the whole process comes to a screeching halt. Supply is only one part of the equation. The reagents used must also be trusted to consistently deliver the quality and outcomes the laboratory has come to expect. The right reagents combined with the right equipment and protocols can help your laboratory achieve new heights in consistency, standardization, and efficiency. READ MORE
Tissue-Tek Histology Reagent solutions

Does your lab need a better way to get QUALITY stained and coverslipped slides to pathologists faster and simpler than ever?

Do you need an integrated staining and coverslipping system that;

  • Significantly reduces instrument downtime and all the related stress
  • Eliminates the need for techs to overcompensate during downtimes, by having a reliable mean time to repair (MTBR) of over 52 weeks
  • Reduces interruptions to your histotechs’ daily workflows
  • Stains and coverslips quality slides quickly and reliably
  • Helps keep track of stains and quality of their appearance
Staining and coverslipping solutions

Tired of unpredictable turnaround times and having to batch and sort?

Looking for an advanced staining system that:

  • Improves Turn-Around-Time (TAT)
  • Eliminates the need to sort or batch slides by antibody or instrument 
  • Reduces the wait for an open staining station
  • Consistently stains your slides with immunohistochemistry (IHC) quality scored optimal
Advanced Staining

Looking for a better solution to print cassettes and slides?

Is your lab in need of better specimen tracking and error-free identification of blocks and slides?

Have you ever tried to track a particular case only to find either a misidentified specimen or inappropriate routing or record keeping?

Incorporating the Tissue-Tek SmartWrite Slide and Cassette printers into your workflow can ensure patient safety by minimizing human labeling errors and provide highly legible and consistently barcoded slides and cassettes. In addition, the SmartWrite Software suite offers fully customizable print templates and user interaction with your laboratory information system (LIS) and middleware for full automation and detailed tracking of each specimen.

Histology & Pathology printing solutions

Could your re-cut efficiencies be improved?

Can you imagine how much easier lab life would be if you had an automated microtome that improves your re-cut efficiencies, conserve tissue and provides reproducible sections for advanced staining? The Tissue-Tek® AutoSection Automated Microtome can help eliminate many of the microtomy challenges you face today. READ MORE
Microtomy solutions

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