Accu-Cut® SRM™ 200 Rotary Microtome

A cutting-edge solution

The Accu-Cut SRM 200 Rotary Microtome is a reliable manual rotary microtome developed for all applications of paraffin and hard specimens in clinical, research, and industrial laboratories. This instrument displays extraordinary ergonomic characteristics for comfortable operation while maintaining reproducible precision during sectioning. Available with and without retraction.

Compatible with Accu-Edge® Disposable Blades, the Accu-Cut SRM 200 ensures superior sectioning in the precise art of cutting quality tissue samples section after section, time after time.

The SRM 200 ensures secure, precise positioning of a specimen block with universal cassette and orientation clamps while facilitating exact, rapid trimming via a trimming lever, which enables specimen advancement of 10 or 50 microns. Micron thickness is handled by an adjustable visual display to ensure accuracy. A universal blade holder base, featuring lateral displacement, allows operators to use the full length of the microtome blade without releasing the blade clamping mechanism or direct blade manipulation.

The SRM 200 hand wheel is designed to run smoothly, minimizing hand stress for maximum efficiency and productivity.



Three axis (XYZ) specimen orientation
  • Allows flexibility for sectioning different specimen types
Smooth-running hand wheel
  • Provides optimal tactile response
Specimen trimming feature
  • Speeds up productivity
Lateral displacement of blade holder base
  • Enables better sectioning
With or without specimen retraction
  • Provides workflow flexibility
Application Sectioning of paraffin embedded specimens for routine and research histology
Product codes 1429 (with retraction)
1429N (without retraction)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 15.8 x 18.5 x 11.6 inches
40 x 47 x 29  cm
Weight 64 lb (29 kg) without accessories
Section thickness range 0.5 – 60 µm
Specimen retraction 220 µm
Trimming steps 10 µm or 50 µm
Displacement of blade holder base Vertical and horizontal directions
Compatible blade types
  • Disposable high- and low-profile steel knives
  • Disposable high- and low-profile blades
  • Reusable steel knives

Product code

Product name and quantity

Various Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassette®
Various Tissue-Tek® Paraform® Cassettes
5100 Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 5
Various Accu-Edge® Blade System


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