Real-time monitoring provides confidence and security

The Sakura Finetek USA, Inc. Tissue-Tek® iSupport™ system utilizes a suite of products that allows our highly trained service and support staff to exclusively and securely access your Tissue-Tek® iSupport™ enabled products remotely. 

Supported products include:

  • Tissue-Tek AutoTEC® a120
  • Tissue-Tek Genie® Advanced Staining System
  • Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI
  • Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus
  • Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120

This connection allows us to monitor your devices and provide you with fast and efficient service, without the need to schedule an on-site visit, thus maximizing your uptime and operational continuity. 

The Tissue-Tek® iSupport™ system utilizes the same technology that is used today in highly secure environments such as government, banking, health care, data centers, and several other manufacturing environments.  This technology, built by remote services leader Axeda® Corporation, has been fully certified by security authority VeriSign®, the trusted leader in security.  VeriSign® conducted a comprehensive examination of Axeda’s entire security program and validated their solution.

  • Provides peace of mind
  • Monitors your Tissue-Tek® iSupport™ enabled product anywhere in the world
  • Reduces service costs
  • Virtual technicians can test functions in real time without delay
  • Optimizes function with preemptive preventative maintenance
  • Provides ability for virtual hands-on training
  • Monitors software for updates
  • Delivers proactive remote service ensuring maximum uptime

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