Histo-Tek® Mini Stainer

Automated slide staining for your frozen sections

The Histo-Tek® Mini Stainer standardized the staining process for optimal quality and consistency.  It was designed with flexibility in mind, yet compact to fit any laboratory bench space.

The Histo-Tek® Mini Stainer is a small, robust linear stainer created to meet your laboratories demands.  The small 50 mL reagent containers not only reduce cost but also minimizes reagent waste.  With up to 3 running water stations, you are assured of crisper specimen staining.  The simple to use keypad allows the operator to program within minutes with key parameter adjustments such as time, agitation, and start position.  Fume cover and activated carbon filter are standard features to ensure laboratory personnel safety.  Its small footprint of 24” W x 8.5” D x 11” H is guaranteed to fit on any laboratory workbench.



Fume cover and filter
  • Protects lab personnel
Automated Staining
  • Eliminates labor intensive hand staining
Keypad Display
  • Simple-to-use
Continuous Loading
  • Keeps up with lab demand
Up to 4 slides per carrier
  • Allows for multiple tissue levels
Collection tank holds 16 slides
  • Allows walkaway convenience
50 mL containers
  • Minimizes reagent waste and reduces cost
Up to 3 rinse stations
  • Clean water for crisp specimen staining
Standardizes the staining process
  • Provides optimal quality
User Safety Fume hood, activated carbon filter
Dimensions (WxDxH) 24 x 8.5 x 11 inches (62 x 22 x 28 cm)
Unit weight without reagents, unpacked Approx. 35 lbs (16 kg)
Staining Time 2 sec to 300 sec, same time for all stations
Loading Capacity Max. 4 slide carriers
Reagent Stations Max. 14 
Rinse Stations Up to 3 (with 3 rinse stations, 11 reagent stations are available)
Reagent container volume 50 mL
Slide carrier capacity Max. 4 slides per slide carrier
Exit tank capacity Max. 16 slides (4 slide carriers)
Certifications UL, cUL, CE
IEC 61010 classification
Protective class 1
Pollution degree 2
Overvoltage installation category II:

Product code

Product name and quantity

1920 Histo-Tek® Mini Stainer
1921 Histo-Tek®  Reagent Containers
1922 Histo-Tek® Slide Carriers
1923 Histo-Tek® Rinse Station, with rinse nozzle, fitting and tubing
1924 Histo-Tek® Rinse Tubing, 48" long
1925 Histo-Tek® Tubing and Fitting Kit
1926 Histo-Tek® Water Inlet Hose with in-line filter
1927 Histo-Tek® Water Inlet Hose without in-line filter
1928 Histo-Tek® Water Faucet Adaptor Kit
1929 Histo-Tek® Drain Hose
1930 Histo-Tek® Exit Tank
1931 Histo-Tek® Support Bracket
1932 Histo-Tek® Stabilizer Bar
1933 Histo-Tek® Reagent Container Cover
1912 Histo-Tek® SL Carbon filter set; 2/cs
6416 Tissue‐Tek® Glas™ g2 Coverslips and Easy Holders 24x60 mm; 200 coverslips; 5/cs
9035 Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® White Frosted Slides; 10 x 100/cs
9036 Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® White Frosted Slides - Charged; 10 x 100/cs
9156 Tissue-Tek® FormaGO® Formalin Absorption Pads, Medium (10 bags with each 20 pads; dimensions of a pad: 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 14.0 x 21.6 cm)

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