Tissue-Tek® Mega-Cassette™ System

The Tissue-Tek® Mega-Cassette™ System (size 40 x 25 x 10 mm) is designed to provide specimen identification and security, from the grossing bench to the permanent paraffin block and suitable for larger tissue samples.

When utilized with Tissue-Tek® Mega-Cassette™ Base Mold; 6/case (product code 4166), the cassette
becomes the supporting structure of the paraffin block during embedding. This cassette is not
compatible with cassette printers.



10 mm depth
  • Suited for larger tissue samples
Smooth, single action, fracture-back hinge
  • The lid hinge fractures when being closed, then breaks easily and smoothly post processing
Raised spacer nubs placed at center and corners
  • Help maintain space between cassettes for better exchange of processing reagents
Wide, thick finger tab
  • Eliminates sharp edges, reduces strain on technicians fingers and simplifies opening the lid
Base vent openings on the cassettes
  • Allows trapped air to escape during processing
Wider base across ribbing on the cassette base
  • Increases support to prevent cassette flexing when in cassette clamp
Product code 4173
Product name and quantity Tissue-Tek® Mega-Cassette™; 750/cs
Size 40 x 25 x 10 mm

Product code

Product name and quantity

4166 Tissue‐Tek® Mega‐Cassette™ Base Mold (for item 4173); 6/cs

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