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Customer experience

Sakura Finetek USA, as leading healthcare organizations in the field of pathology, faces quickly evolving challenges in laboratories, like workplace and workflow changes, technology transformation, automation and productivity, and the growing importance of digital media, which all are shifting customer expectations while shaping the experience of laboratory personnel.

We understand that delivering our products and services in partnership with our customers requires engagement with laboratory personnel on all levels.  This webpage is intended to reflect several aspects of the experience we can provide to our customers using the best pathology, histology and cytology equipment.  Our products deliver the best in-class patient care, great workplace quality of life, excellent quality of results and fast turnaround time.

"As good an experience as I could possibly imagine"

The Tissue-Tek Genie enabled Colorado Dermatology Institute to bring IHC in-house, leading to a 7x faster TAT, significantly lower maintenance, and increased profitability. 

See how CDI's patients benefited from the new workflow.

"A competitive edge"

Discover how the Histologic Technology Program at Phoenix College uses the partnership with Sakura Finetek to provide students with a competitive edge when starting their careers and develop qualified Histotechnicians to fill the labor shortage gap.

"The best decision"

Discover how Covenant Pathology Services uses SMART Automation to easily achieve its goals of a 24-hour turnaround time, virtually eliminating risks associated with conventional processes, and providing staff with a positive work-life balance.

Searching for that perfect slide and block

Discover how Green Clinics delights their customers by producing high quality IHC slides with same-day TAT.
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SMART Automation: The Impact Of Change, Replacing Frustration With A Happier, Healthier Balance

Are overwhelming workloads and lack of resources causing stress, unhappiness, and frustration in your laboratory?  Dr. Antonio Martinez, MD, PhD, Head Department of Pathology Hospital Clinic Barcelona  shares his story of improving his lab with SMART Automation.
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Automate processes to improve quality and turn around time

The Laboratorio de Patología Digipath in Mexico City provides integrated solutions in automated procedures and protocols for multiple public and private laboratories across Mexico for the benefit of all patients.
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How will Film coverslipping and Digital Pathology become the solution for providing relief to overwhelmed laboratories worldwide?

Granada University Hospitals implemented full digital pathology with the adoption of The Tissue-Tek® Film Coverslipper and the result of the combination was a success.  After switching from a glass coverslipper to Film, 800,000 slides show Film helped to dramatically cut down scanning errors to 0.1%.
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Watch how Dr. Manfred Weiß increased his laboratory output by 200% using SMART Automation while maintaining a work-life balance for his entire staff

Long hours, missed breaks, and stress lead to staff burnout and avoidable errors.  After recognizing these negative effects, Dr. Weiß made the courageous choice to transform his lab.
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Improve laboratory turnaround time with more efficient family-friendly working hours

With the help of SMART Automation, Cockerell Dermatopathology developed a simple, efficient workflow that enabled the laboratory to improve turnaround time by over 30% while also decreasing family-unfriendly hours, leading to happier clients, pathologists, and employees.

The risk of manual embedding was no longer acceptable to this hospital laboratory

Tissue samples are irretrievable.  If something happens to the tissue, patients may not get the proper diagnosis and treatment that they need.  See the significant improvements this laboratory was able to achieve by transitioning to automated embedding.

What does true rapid tissue processing look like?

See the results of a laboratory’s blinded study prepared with 6 different pathologists scoring both the H&E and IHC slides for the tissues to compare the rapid processing capabilities of the Xpress x120 with the laboratory’s current validated processor that also has claims of rapid tissue processing capabilities.

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