Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Cassette Printer With AutoLoader

These cassette printers also enable 300 dpi high-resolution and high-content 1D and 2D barcodes, alphanumeric, graphic and logo printing. The Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Software and drivers

Experience fast on-demand or batch cassette printing in color
The SMART system solution for cassette printing

Increase efficiency for your laboratory while reducing the risk of misidentification of specimens with the Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Cassette Printers. SmartWrite Cassette Printers feature thermal transfer printing technology that is noise, fume and UV cure-free. Print quality is crisp, permanent and resistant to histological chemicals. Its reliable robotic cassette feed enables cassette printing every 7.5 seconds.

These cassette printers also enable 300 dpi high-resolution and high-content 1D and 2D barcodes, alphanumeric, graphic and logo printing. The Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Software and drivers provide a single SMART solution for template design, printer management and LIS integration.

The Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Cassette Printers have been optimized and validated for black or color printing on Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassette®, Histo-Tek® Cassettes with Lid Attached, and Tissue-Tek® Paraform® Frames, creating a turn-key system for the best printing results.  The Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Cassette Printer with AutoLoader can be conveniently placed next to the grossing station.



On-demand and batch printing
  • Can be integrated into any workflow and LIS environment
300 dpi print quality
  • High-content bar codes for high first-pass read
Robotic feed mechanism
  • Jam-free cassette printing
Color and black printing options
  • Can combine color cassettes and color printing on white cassettes for effective inventory management
Thermal transfer printing
  • Print is permanent and resistant to chemical degradation
4,300 black prints at 8 cassettes per minute
  • Lowest price for throughput
5 extra cassette magazines provided
  • Pre-load magazines for efficient workflow
Clear cassette magazine
  • Easy identification of cassette colors
Small footprint
  • Printer can be located at the grossing station
Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Software and drivers                                                                      
  • Single solution for customized template design, printer management and LIS integration
Product name Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Cassette Printer With AutoLoader
Product code 9020
Cassette printer speed Up to 8 cassettes/minute (black)
Up to 5 cassettes/minute (solid colors)
Resolution 300 dpi
Ink type Resin thermal transfer (ribbon)
Printable colors 8 solid colors and many patterns
Print options Alphanumeric, 1D and 2D barcodes, graphics and logos
Cassette capacity per hopper/4X 40 Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassettes® / Tissue-Tek® Paraform® (total 160)
Cassette loading Robotic
Output tray capacity 7 cassettes (17 cassettes with cassette tray extension)
Cassette hoppers 9 clear hoppers for cassettes with and without lids
Print cartridge and print quality Black ribbon cartridge: 4,300 cassettes
Color ribbon cartridge: CMYK 1,000 cassettes
Printer drivers Microsoft® Windows® 10/8/7, Windows Vista® /XP
Data interface USB 2.0
Dimensions 19.3 (W) x 12.0 (D) x 25.9 (H) inches
49 (W) x 35.5 (D) x 25.9 (H) cm
Weight 74 lgs (33.6 kg)
Power requirements 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60 watts
Certifications UL 60950-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-07

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Product code

Product name and quantity

9025 Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Software
9026 Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Control PC With Touch Screen
9024 Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® 1D and 2D Bar Code Scanner and Stand
9040 Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Cassettes Hoppers; 5/case
9041 Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Cassette Tray Extension; 1 unit
9030* Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Slide and Cassette Print Cartridge Black; 6/case
9038 Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Cassette Print Cartridge Color; 6/case
9032 Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite® Print Head Cleaning Pens; 5/case
Various Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassette® Standard Biopsy Cassettes
Various Histo-Tek®  Standard Biopsy Cassettes with Lids Attached
Various Tissue-Tek® Paraform® Frames

6pt.png WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Carbon black, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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