PAXcamHD Gross Imaging System

The pathology grossing camera provides a stunning HD 1080p video view in real time, and the powerful 30x zoom range accommodates a full table view, down to small fields of view within a tissue cassett

The feature-rich PAXcamHD Gross Imaging System is now distributed by Sakura Finetek USA.

The PAXcamHD Gross Imaging System is designed to provide superb images, video stream and audio that pathologist and pathology associates always wanted for their daily work.

The pathology grossing camera provides a stunning HD 1080p video view in real time, and the powerful 30x zoom range accommodates a full table view, down to small fields of view within a tissue cassette.   The zoom levels and other camera functions are controlled by footswitch for hands-free operation, using the ample presets provided.  There is no need to touch the camera for any zooming, exposure, or focus controls.

Digital image capture of your surgical pathology specimens can be sent to external applications and/or to the PAX-it image management system.   Video streams can be recorded or provided real-time for remote consultations on your network or over the internet!   The flexibility of the system for image capture and working with live video allows for a host of pathology lab needs to be met with one easy-to-use system.

With simple touch controls captured gross images can be marked up for measurements, sequential tagging of samples, and highlighting areas with circles, boxes, and text.   Let us show you how easily these steps can be accomplished when using the PAXcam HD pathology camera!

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Sakura Finetek USA, Inc. is proud to be an official distributor of PAXcamHD Gross Imaging System.



  • Camera can be mounted inside a grossing station, over a benchtop or above an autopsy table for quick and easy photography.
Auto focus/auto exposure
  • No need to handle the camera for standard functions
30x zoom
  • Accommodate a wide variety of specimen sizes at one working distance
Foot pedal control
  • Hands-free imaging
  • Foot pedal with presets allows camera functions (zoom level, exposure) and lighting levels to be easily switched
  • Image capture is also via footswitch
  • Foot pedal may be programmed for other functions by end user
  • Camera presets allow storage of camera and light settings for a full range of specimens
  • Markup presets allow easy image annotation to decrease dictation time
  • Presets may be created and/or edited by end user
  • Live streaming for remote consultation
  • View and oversee grossing operations from outside of the grossing area, or share views with colleagues at remote sites
PAX-it software
  • Seamlessly capture images into a user-defined database archive, with touch-friendly markup tools, reporting tools, and more:
    • Draw lines, boxes, and circles on your image manually or with easy user-defined presets
    • Add pre-formatted text phrases to your image with one touch
    • Add a calibrated scale bar or multiple scale bars to the image
    • Draw calibrated measurement lines with immediate readout in your choice of measurement units
    • Simple tap control to drop sequential labels (A,B,C... or 1,2,3...) for serial sections or cassette designations
    • Image processing tools including HDR imaging, fusion of focal planes, stitching
    • Send marked-up images with one click to other imaging applications, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Word, designated export folders, and more!
Application Grossing
Product code             PI-HDG
3.5 x 3.5 x 5 inches
8.8 x 8.8 x 12.7 cm
Weight 2 lbs.
Power requirement 115/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 11 A
Mounting Accepts ¼-20 universal mounting bolt, in grossing station or
over bench top
Optics 30x optical zoom ratio
Field of view range Dependent  upon working distance, typically >18” wide to <1” wide
Illumination Optional LED Ring Light illumination from above,
and optional LED Back Light illumination
Camera spec 1080p HD in hermetically sealed, wipeable housing
Computer 64bit OS with USB3 required; Microsoft® Windows®7/8/10
Certifications CE

Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. 

Product code

Product name and quantity

PI-HDG-RL Ring Light with lens mount, cables, power & controller, including computer control features
PI-HDG-BL 10 x 10” Back Light with cables, power, and controller. Including computer control features. Includes red, green and blue backgrounds
PI-HDG-RBL Combined Ring Light and Back Light System
PI-HDG- B Benchtop stand with 35 lb base, 36 inches vertical & 25 inches horizontal arms, with tilting plate & captive ¼-20 screw
0105 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge®, Grossing Station, Elevating with Hands-Free Controls
0110 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge®, Countertop
0115 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge®, Pathology Workstation
0137 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge®, PathPRO, Elevating
4785 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge®, Trimming Blades; Short; 50/box
4786 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge®, Trimming Handle; Short Straight;
1 unit
4789 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge®, Trimming Blades; Long; 50/box
4790 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge®, Trimming Handle; Long Straight; 1 unit
4791 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge®, Dissecting Scalpel Handle; 1 unit
4792 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge®, Dissecting Scalpel Blades; #61;
Curved tip; 20/case
4793 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge®, Dissecting Scalpel Blades; #62; Pointed tip; 20/case

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