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Decalcifying Solution for Hard or Soft Tissue.

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Recommendation for Kristensen’s Decal Solution.

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Post-Decalcification Treatment of Bone Specimen.

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Tissue Surface Decalcification.

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Decaled or Not Decaled That is the Question!

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Decalcified Bone Sections in Surgically Induced Osteoarthritis in Rat.

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Debunking an Urban Legend in Bone and Cartilage Histotechnique: Safranin O Fast Green Will Stain Pr

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Comparison of Decalcification Methods on Rodent Femurs

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After 24 Years in Formalin, It Should Be Fixed

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Expedited Bone Throughput Using Microwave Decalcification

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A Decemented, Decalcified Paraffin Processing Option for Resurfaced Femoral Head Implant Specimens

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