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Veterinary Pathology

Comparative Microscopic Anatomy of Human and Porcine Liver

Rashmil Saxena, BFA, HT(ASCP)CM; Mary A. Maluccio, MD; A. Joseph Tector, MD, PhD; Division of Transplantation, Department of Surgery, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN; December 2009;XLII(2):34.

A Source for the Heat Effect in GI Biopsies

Janet Maass, ME, HTL, CT, HT(ASCP); Jennifer Harper, MS; John Carlton, PhD; Jason Hampton, BS, HT(ASCP); Bruce Dunne, PhD; Covidien, Energy-based Devices, Boulder CO. June 2010;XLIII(1):18.

Optimization of the Automated Periodic Acid-Schiff Hematoxylin (PASH) Stain for Spermatozoal Acrosom

Pamela Mercer, HT(ASCP); Leslie Duncan, HT(ASCP); Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Research and Development, Department of Pathology, Mount Vernon, IN. December 2010;XLIII(2):43.

Cryopreservation Method Optimization for Mouse Brain Tissues

Kumudini Misra, MS; Tatyana V. Taksir, MS; Jennifer Johnson, BS; Sue Ryan, MS; Department of Pathology, Genzyme Corporation, Framingham, MA. June 2011;XLIV(1):5.

Optimization of Automated Staining Procedures for Gomori Iron and Schmorl Reaction for Lipofuscin Us

Pamela Mercer, HT(ASCP); Julie Stevens, AAS, BS; Cecilia Nelson, Summer Intern; Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Research and Development, Department of Pathology, Mt. Vernon, IN. December 2011;XLIV(2):25.

Mounting of Paraffin Tissue Sections on Filter Paper for Storage, Mailing, and Microdissection

Salah Deeb, PhD; Khalid El-Nesr, PhD; Shehata Anwar, BVSc; Department of Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Beni-Suef, Egypt. June 2012;XLV(1):11.