Tissue-Tek Genie®

Clone: EP128
Host clonality: rabbit monoclonal
Control tissue: tonsil, appendix, liver
Staining pattern: membraneous and cytoplasmic
Regulatory status: IVD, FDA Class I
Product code: 8321-C010: RTU, 10 capsules; 1 pack
8321-M250: RTU, 250 tests, 1 cartridge; 1 unit


CD14 is expressed on monocytes, macrophages, follicular dendritic cells, histiocytes, and Langerhans’ cells. CD14 is detected in myeloid leukemias with monoblastic/monocytic differentiation, histiocytic neoplasms, Langerhans’ cell histiocytosis, and giant cell tumors. CD14 is more specific than CD68 in the identification of monocytes/histiocytes and associated neoplasms.
Tissue-Tek Genie<sup>&reg;</sup><br /> anti-CD14 The macrophages in the lamina propria and submucosa of this appendix show a strong cytoplasmic and membraneous staining reaction for CD14. Additionally, the epithelial cells show a moderate to strong membraneous staining reaction in a “brush-border” pattern.

A weak to moderate cytoplasmic and membraneous staining reaction for CD14 is seen among the follicular dendritic cells and macrophages of this tonsillar germinal center. Strong cytoplasmic and membraneous staining is seen among the macrophages in the interfollicular areas.

The islet cells, acini and ductal epithelium of pancreas show a negative staining reaction for CD14, while scattered macrophages show strong cytoplasmic and membraneous reactivity.
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