Tissue-Tek Genie®
anti-Kappa Light Chains

Clone: polyclonal
Host clonality: rabbit polyclonal
Control tissue: tonsil, lymph node, and kappa light chain protein positive B-cell neoplasms
Staining pattern: membraneous and cytoplsmic
Regulatory status: IVD, FDA Class I
Product code: 8394-C010: RTU, 10 capsules; 1 pack
8394-M250: RTU, 250 tests, 1 cartridge; 1 unit


Amounts and types of immunoglobulin (Ig) monomers can vary in different stages of B-cell maturation. Igs are expressed in the cytoplasm (early stage of maturation, plasma cells) or on the membrane (B-cells in the mantle zone). Neoplasms such as B-cell lymphoma and plasma cell myeloma may be demonstrated to be clonal when they produce only one type of Ig light chain.
Tissue-Tek Genie<sup>&reg;</sup><br /> anti-Kappa Light Chains Strong membraneous reactivity for Ig Kappa is seen among the neoplastic cells of this B-cell CLL.

No expression of Kappa light chains is observed in this example of B-CLL/SLL. Scattered non-neoplastic plasma cells are strongly Kappa positive.
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