Tissue-Tek Genie®
anti-Lambda Light Chains

Clone: polyclonal
Host clonality: rabbit polyclonal
Control tissue: tonsil, lymph node, and lambda light chain protein positive B-cell neoplasms
Staining pattern: membraneous and cytoplasmic
Regulatory status: IVD, FDA Class I
Product code: 8398-C010: RTU, 10 capsules; 1 pack
8398-M250: RTU, 250 tests, 1 cartridge; 1 unit


Amounts and types of immunoglobulin (Ig) monomers can vary in different stages of B-cell maturation. Igs are expressed in the cytoplasm (early stage of maturation, plasma cells) or membrane (B-cells in the mantle zone). Neoplasms such as B-cell lymphoma and plasma cell myeloma may be demonstrated to be clonal when they produce only one type of Ig light chain.
Tissue-Tek Genie<sup>&reg;</sup><br /> anti-Lambda Light Chains Strong cytoplasmic and membraneous staining for lambda light chain is seen in a subset of plasma cells in this germinal center. Light background staining is also seen due to extracellular immunoglobulin deposition.

Moderately strong cytoplasmic lambda light chain expression is detected in this case of CLL/SLL.
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