Tissue-Tek Genie®

Clone: EP284
Host clonality: rabbit monoclonal
Control tissue: tonsil, B-cell lymphoma
Staining pattern: nuclear
Regulatory status: IVD, FDA Class I
Product code: 8334-C010: RTU, 10 capsules; 1 pack
8334-M250: RTU, 250 tests, 1 cartridge; 1 unit


OCT.2 is a transcription factor that binds to the immunoglobulin gene and interacts with BOB.1. It is essential for expression of B-cell specific genes. OCT.2 is expressed in mature B-cells, predominantly germinal center B-cells. High levels of OCT.2 expression are also found in monocytoid B-cells and plasma cells. Various B-cell lymphomas are also positive for this marker.
Tissue-Tek Genie<sup>&reg;</sup><br /> anti-OCT.2 A strong nuclear staining reaction is observed among the neoplastic cells of this diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

There is a strong nuclear staining reaction for OCT.2 among the germinal center B-cells and a weak to moderate staining among the cells of the mantle zone.

The Reed-Sternberg and Hodgkin cells of this classic Hodgkin lymphoma show a negative staining reaction for OCT.2, while background B-cells and plasma cells show moderate to strong nuclear reactivity.
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