Autopsy Knife Series

Consistently superior cutting results

For all routine procedures associated with postmortem examinations, the Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Autopsy Knife Series is easy to assemble, and offers consistent cutting results.

The Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Autopsy Knife Series offers one chemical- and heat-resistant resin handle that accommodates 3 blade sizes. Extremely sharp autopsy blades are manufactured from quality, durable stainless steel. Blades, available in three sizes, are interchangeable with autoclavable plastic handle.



Ultra-sharp blade edge
  • Uniform, consistent grossing for autopsy procedures
Chemical and heat resistant handle
  • Autoclavable, enables quick, easy blade removal and replacement
3 blade lengths available
  • Accomodates all autopsy needs

Product codes

Product name and quantities

4781 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Autopsy Knife Handle
4782 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Autopsy Blade 100 mm; 5/cs
4783 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Autopsy Blade 170 mm; 5/cs
4784 Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Brain Blade 325 mm; 5/cs

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