Dissecting Scalpel Series

Improved accuracy, consistent results

Ideally suited for surgical specimens and postmortem duties, Accu-Edge® Dissecting Scalpels are designed to be sturdy and consistent.

Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Dissecting Scalpels feature replaceable blades firmly secured in a single heat- and chemical-resistant handle. The curved and pointed blades are designed 0.2 mm thicker than other brands to help resist bending under cutting pressure. The result: improved cutting accuracy for consistent results.

The scalpel handle and disposable blades provide pathologists with an extremely sharp, disposable blade system. Sterile, stainless steel, disposable scalpel blades can be supplied with curved or pointed tip.

When used with the Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® Grossing Board, this Scalpel is easily inserted between two rails enabling standardized grossing at specified thicknesses.



Ultra-sharp blade edge
  • Uniform, consistent grossing for surgical specimens and autopsy procedures
2 sterile, blade types available
  • Curved or pointed tips accomodate a wde variety of grossing needs
Chemical and heat resistant handles
  • Autoclavable, enables quick, easy blade removal and replacement
Handles for left or right-hand use
  • Controllable grip required for sectioning by left or right-handed grossers

Product codes

Product name and quantities

4791 Scalpel Handle
4792 Scalpel Blades, #61 (curved tip)
4793 Scalpel Blades, #62 (pointed tip)

MWEB0155 Rev.A