Histo-Tek® Cassettes


Histo-Tek® cassettes offer your lab exemplary ease of use coupled with security and efficiency in two different forms—standard and biopsy cassettes.

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Start saving time right away with Histo-Tek® cassettes. Sure-locking lids and closure guides prevent premature separation of lid and base during processing. And plastic disposable lids, easily removable with a twist, eliminate the need for cleaning. Histo-Tek® cassettes are resistant to solvent and decalcifying solutions, and have unlimited applications, including identifying surgical specimens from autopsies, STAT biopsies, and frozen sections.

And for biopsy needs, Histo-Tek® biopsy cassettes feature 1-mm pores instead of slots, eliminating the need to wrap most small specimens and greatly reducing the risk of specimen loss.


  • Plastic cassettes with detachable disposable lids
  • Sure-locking lid with closure guides
  • Resistant to solvent and decalcifying solutions
  • Available in 9 colors


Product Codes: #9340 Histo-Tek® standard cassette, Blue, 500/cs
#9341 Histo-Tek® standard cassette, Gray, 500/cs
#9342 Histo-Tek® standard cassette, Green, 500/cs
#9343 Histo-Tek® standard cassette, Lilac, 500/cs
#9344 Histo-Tek® standard cassette, Orange, 500/cs
#9345 Histo-Tek® standard cassette, Pink, 500/cs
#9346 Histo-Tek® standard cassette, Tan, 500/cs
#9347 Histo-Tek® standard cassette, White, 500/cs
#9348 Histo-Tek® standard cassette, Yellow, 500/cs
#9350 Histo-Tek® biopsy cassette, Blue, 500/cs
#9351 Histo-Tek® biopsy cassette, Gray, 500/cs
#9352 Histo-Tek® biopsy cassette, Green, 500/cs
#9353 Histo-Tek® biopsy cassette, Lilac, 500/cs
#9354 Histo-Tek® biopsy cassette, Orange, 500/cs
#9355 Histo-Tek® biopsy cassette, Pink, 500/cs
#9356 Histo-Tek® biopsy cassette, Tan, 500/cs
#9357 Histo-Tek® biopsy cassette, White, 500/cs
#9358 Histo-Tek® biopsy cassette, Yellow, 500/cs
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