Tissue-Tek Histology Reagent solutions

Two tales of disappointment

Laura works at Where are My Reagents Laboratory, and she put in her reagent order over two weeks ago.  She just learned that her reagents are on backorder… again… and will not be available for another two weeks.  That is going to be one week too late.  The lab is already running short on alcohol and will surely be completely out by the end of this week.  Without those reagents, the laboratory is at a standstill.  Laura has already put out the usual calls to nearby laboratories to see if she can borrow some temporarily, but it seems that everyone is having shortages because of shipping delays their vendors are experiencing.  Laura does not even want to consider stretching out reagent exchange times or skipping changes because that will jeopardize specimen or tissue quality.  If only there was a source that she could reliably get her reagents from quickly to get her laboratory out of this bind.

Mark works at Focus on Quality Laboratories, and unfortunately, because of inconsistency with their reagents and their protocols, the lab is having a difficult time living up to its name.  The pathologists expect a high-quality slide to complete their diagnosis, but some of the laboratory’s tissues seem too dry while other larger tissues seem to be under-processed.  Inconsistency at processing is not their only issue.  Their H&E quality fluctuates between changes as well.  If only there was a vendor where he can reliably get consistent, high-quality reagents and help with updating their protocols, they could get back on the right track.

Quality Reagents

Here is how Sakura Finetek solved Laura and Mark’s need for consistent, high-quality reagents to achieve the quality their laboratories expect.

Tissue-Tek® Histology Reagents include everything Laura’s laboratory needs for fixation, processing, staining, and coverslipping of tissue, and all the reagents are formulated, packaged, and shipped from right here in the United States of America.  Instead of long lead times or backorders that may result in delays, Tissue-Tek Histology Reagents are readily available to supply the laboratory even during desperate times.  Sakura Finetek has Laura covered.

Availability is important, but consistent quality is that other crucial component of the equation to achieve the high-quality outcomes Mark’s laboratory expects.  The Tissue-Tek® 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin, Tissue-Tek® Reagent Alcohols, and Tissue-Tek Xylene® that make up the Tissue-Tek Histology Reagent family of reagents are closely monitored for consistency and quality in an FDA-registered, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified facility.  Since Mark can trust the quality and consistency of his lab’s reagents, he can turn his focus to other important tasks.

Combining Tissue-Tek Histology Reagents with the reputable consistency and reliability of Sakura Finetek processing and staining systems is a way to take Laura and Mark’s laboratories’ efficiency to the next level.  The Tissue-Tek VIP® Series is the trusted, gold standard in tissue processing.  The Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI Vacuum Infiltration Processor continues that tradition now with Advanced Infiltration (AI).  Using the VIP 6 AI Solution Manager with Tissue-Tek Histology Reagents helps safeguard tissues during operation for safe and worry-free processing, and the Automatic Transfer feature not only saves times but reduces the risk of common exchange errors while using Tissue-Tek Histology Reagents.  Laura and Mark can gain even more efficiency and consistency in their processing by incorporating Sakura Finetek’s GREAT method to update the laboratory’s outdated protocols.

Tissue-Tek VIP Series Solution

Prisma-Plus-(1).jpgTissue-Tek Prisma Plus Automated Slide Stainer

Using Tissue-Tek Histology Reagents with the Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus Automated Slide Stainer and the Tissue-Tek Prisma® H&E Stain Kit #1, provides the laboratory with an H&E staining solution that not only has the highest throughput available at up to 530 slides per hour, but also a validated staining protocol that provides the lab with slide-to-slide reproducibility from the first to last slide with a high-quality stain capable of staining up to 2,500 slides per kit.  Linking the Prisma Plus to the Tissue-Tek Film® Automated Coverslipper provides a true walkaway staining and coverslipping solution with a fast slide drying time, consistent storage quality for over 10 years and a speed advantage for slide scanning for digital imaging that is 3.7% faster than glass.

Let Tissue-Tek Histology Reagent solutions from Sakura Finetek help you achieve your laboratory’s goals just like Laura and Mark.
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